Target Group and Geographical Coverage

EACS’s target group is member producer co-operatives and groups that are determined and willing to take advantage of the opportunities at their disposal. These are helped to bulk, process and export. Currently, EACS works with co-operatives and groups in the Bugisu sub-region in Eastern Uganda (Mbale, Bulambuli, Manafwa and Sironko) Including, Budadiri Organic Coffee Farmer's Association, Namanyonyi Shalom Cooperative Society Ltd, Bukusu Yetena Area Growers Cooperative, and Bulambuli Area Coffee Coop Entreprise.

Linking the farmers to buyers

Empire believes that in order to benefit from their produce, farmers need to be meaningful participants and stakeholders in the value chain. To achieve this, EACS created a model that allows the farmers to relate and work with their marketing agent and buyers through clearly defined structures and mechanisms.